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 Paul George Motter 

Paul has been playing lead guitar for over decades, and still currently performs live and in studios.

 Paul's Life Story (curriculum vitae)

Paul Motter – Encinitas


Paul has been playing for 50 short years. He has six solid years of professional music study in performance, composition, ear training, harmony and music theory. Paul can read and write music, and believes that music theory turns players into creators of music. Paul also worked eight years as a recording studio engineer and as a stage manager for legitimate theater, creating sound designs for theatrical productions. He also managed a live music venue for several years and knows a great deal about guitar gear from amps and guitars to pedals and recording equipment.


  • Camelback High School – Phoenix (grad 1972)

  • Los Angeles City College (Music Major) (1973)

  • Los Angeles Valley College (Music Major) (1974)

  • Arizona State (Media Major)

Work History

1975 – 1980: Program Studios, downtown Hollywood.

Paul owned and operated a cutting-edge 8-track studio in the shadow of the Motown and RCA buildings on Sunset Blvd. Clients included the GoGos, the Runaways, Kim Fowley, Peter Case, Peter Noone, Gary Myrick and the Figures, Seawind and several other bands too numerous to remember.

1980 – 82: Crystal Clear Sound -- 24-track studio in Dallas

Paul’s first 24-track studio job focused on recording albums for local Texas artists like Delbert McClinton, Ray Sharpe, Point Blank, and several other southern rock and country artists.

1982 – 84Sunswept Studios - North Hollywood

Paul moved back to Hollywood and worked at the 24-track Sunswept Studios in North Hollywood. Clients included the Chipmunks cartoon show (Ross Bagdassarian), Sesame Street Live (with players like Skunk Baxter on the sessions), and Strawberry Shortcake with Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman (AKA Flo & Eddie of the Turtles and later with Frank Zappa).

1984 Producer’s Workshop Recording Studio (Hollywood)

In 1985 Paul got his dream studio engineering job at Producer’s Workshop in Hollywood. Located in the same building as the infamous “Mastering Lab” on Hollywood Blvd, Producer’s Workshop recorded albums by Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, Ringo Starr, Fleetwood Mac and many, many more artists.

1985 Stage Manager for Royal Viking Line Cruises

When Paul was offered a job as stage manager for the most prestigious cruise line in the world -  Royal Viking Line - he left his dream studio to spend 8 months traveling around the world – expenses paid.

1986 – 1990 Owner; Impulse Nightclub, Phoenix AZ

Paul owned and managed a live music night club for four years in Phoenix, AZ. He learned everything about working with booking agents and touring bands. During this time Paul also played in his own band and gave guitar lessons through Musicians Electronic Exchange in Phoenix.

1991- 93Stage tech and Sound Designer for Herberger Theater – Phoenix AZ and ASU Theater, Tempe, AZ

The Herberger Theater is a premier live theater venue in downtown Phoenix. At the same time, he also returned to school at ASU to major in media and was the resident sound technician for the ASU theater department.

1993 Norwegian Cruise Line and Holland America

Paul next spent yet another year on cruise ships as a stage manager, this time working for more mainstream cruise lines.

1993 – 1999 –  Writer; Motley Fool; Teacher LAN Operations, New York City.

Moving to New York City in 1993, Paul was a service manager for “Sound by Singer,” in Manhattan, one of the top state-of-the-art audio sales and service companies in the city. Paul also engineered his last 24-track recording studio session for a complete 40-piece orchestra, with conductor, recording an original opera.


Paul moved into Internet technology. He started giving classes in computer network technology and wrote two textbooks.

In 1999 he started the first commercial cruise travel information web site on the Internet – He licensed his cruise reviews to Expedia, AOL, Travelocity and Triple AAA Travel. He continued to live in New York City until 2001.

1999  – 2017 Editor of CruiseMates

Paul remained editor of CruiseMates until 2017.  The company was acquired in 2006 but they retained him on a consultant basis as the editor.


2002 – 2017 -- Musical History

While working for CruiseMates, Paul resumed his musical activities, building a new digital recording studio in his home based on ProTools technology. He also started playing in live bands once again.  Since 2005 he has been in four different bands that have played live shows in and around Phoenix.

In 2012 Paul started learning electronics, and now he also builds original guitar effect pedals, repairs guitars and amplifiers.

2016 – Paul moved to Encinitas in 2016 and in January, 2017, decided to resume his guitar teaching career. 

Paul Motter
If you have any question please fill in the form below. I can offer guitar lessons for any age, including advanced players who want to know more about ear training and music theory. My specialty is blues, classic rock and modern rock.  I highly recommend music theory classes for all advanced guitarists.

I am also an expert in guitar equipment setup and repair, and can do guitar setups, and amp and pedal repair.

Please send me an email below, I will respond to you right away.

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