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 An Unusual Approach to Learning

How to Play in a Live Band! 

Rock Band Clinics
Note: band clinics are currently on hold until this virus passes or something else happens. Sorry!

Maybe it's been years since you played in a real band, or maybe never. Either way, I put players of all levels of experience together to play in a working band situation. You will learn songs together, from intros to endings just like you are preparing to play a real gig.

Nothing gives you the true feeling of music more than joining a vocalist, bass, drums and other guitar players to play songs together. Get the edge over other players by experiencing the real world of rock band dynamics.

My Rock Band Clinics are four 3-hour sessions. I supply the large rehearsal studio, the mics and PA system, drums and amplifiers for bass and guitars. Your band picks the songs together, organizes the parts and rehearses, with my help, to make them stage-ready.

Even beginning players benefit from putting their feet to the fire - learning how to listen and count music as you play is what makes a real musician. And the cost is very reasonable!

Rock and Blues Jam Sessions

Note: Jam sessions are currently on hold due to COVID-19

Who would have believed COVID could keep us isolated for so long? For people who love playing live music almost nothing could be worse. However, I specialize in teaching players who to join their first band, and there is no reason not to work on that now, with ZOOM or mesked private lessons to be ready for the day when live music becomes common again.

I am an organizer for North County San Diego Rock and Blues Meetup Group with over 150 active members. I schedule regular jam sessions available to all kinds of musicians. We have a separate website (above) where we pre-select songs. These jam sessions are very popular. Some day again, soon, I will supply the large rehearsal studio, the drumset, mics and PA System and amps for guitars and bass.

Rock Guitar and Bass Lessons

Rock and Blues is NOT about reading notes on a staff. It is about hearing the music and playing what you feel. But before you can drive a car, you have to know how to shift gears and use the clutch. 

So, I know the best approach to learning includes immediate satisfaction and rewards, I will ask you for a list of songs you would like to learn during the first few months. Then I will try to supply the work material to help you.

I encourage everyone to try to learn songs they like first because it is easier to plays songs when you already know how they sound. But we will use those songs to discuss the basic musical concepts. We look at song structure; what is a verse, a chorus, etc  - and also focus on counting time - integral to music.


There are certain things I will ask you to do as a new student (learn the location of important notes), and I will help you along, but I cannot teach you if you are not ready to commit to practice at home. The learning process does not happen during the lesson, it happens when you practice. 

Monthly Lesson Options

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