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Guitar Setup, Amp and Pedal Repair or Modifications

I specialize in setting up guitars - even with Floyd Rose or any other floating bridge. I will lower the action, polish the frets and set the intonation so you will be playing in tune with the best settings possible on your guitar. I will also put on new strings of your choice for you. I can also modify your electronics, or restore them to your original condition.


You know, if you have an older, collectible guitar it is more valuable if it has all of the original specifications. Sometimes that means replacing older, hard-to-find parts, and sometimes it means putting in new parts of the same specs, but they are in new condition so they sound better. 

I have a workroom where I can build or modify special guitar pedals for you. Perhaps you have a pedal with a broken LED, footswitch or knobs. I can replace those in one day.  I can customize the sound or functions of your pedals for you in many ways. I can make all of your pedals use the same DC power adapter as most of your other pedals (The Boss standard 9V DC socket offered by "One-Spot" and "Pedal Power.)  I can even make your old fuzz tones and wah-wahs compatible with this new power system.

I can also customize or repair your Marshall or Fender amp - especially tube amps, in a number of different ways.

My cost is just $25 per hour to do this work, and I am happy to give you a free estimate if we talk over the phone.

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